Scrappy Sock Legwarmers

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These scrap yarn legwarmers are easy to make and perfect for using up our leftover knitting or crocheting scraps.  The pattern for these socks is outlined below.  The leggings themselves, are perfect for someone aged 6-12.  Stitch sizing would need to be adjusted for larger sizes.

Rated ‘Easy’, any beginner can have these made over the course of a few hours.  It requires one basic stitch and two sizes of crochet hooks, along with some leftover scraps of yarn in various colours, weights and sizes.  I would recommend that you begin by using the heaviest weight yarns for the toe / foot, and vary the weights up the leg.

Begin crocheting legwarmers at the toe:

Use a 9mm hook and heavy-weight yarn (use 5mm for thinner, lighter weight yarns).  Create a slip knot,

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Legwarmers Round 1:

Chain three and yarn over and insert hook into first loop.  Yarn over and pull through all three loops.  This is the first double crochet (or dc).

Double crochet into the same hole, another seven times (8 in total).  Slip stitch to close.

 image  image  image  image  image 

You have created the first round.

Round 2: Double crochet (dc) two times into every stitch for a total of 16 stitches.  Slip stitch to close the second round.

Round 3: Double crochet into every hole one time.  Total of 16 stitches.  Slip stitch to close the third round.

Change colour.  Continue dc into every hole for additional rounds, changing colours every two or three rounds.  After the first 8-10 inches, you can start to add in different weights of yarns (I do this to create a thicker sole on the foot).


If/when you reduce the weight of the yarn, from a very thick yarn to a very thin one, for the first transition round, dc twice into every hold of the thick yarn stitch.  After completing the round, continue single crochet into each stitch.

If/when you transition from a thin yard to a thick one, you need to do the reverse.  That is, double crochet the thick yarn into the first hole, then in every second stitch of the thinner yarn round.


If you have any issues following my legwarmers instructions above, please leave a reply below or email me for further assistance.

I would appreciate any feedback you all may have.

Thanks and happy crocheting!


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