Easy Baby Dress Crochet Pattern

Completed Baby Dress Pattern

This is an Easy Baby Dress Crochet Pattern that is simple to follow and written for the most part in laypersons terms.  The size is newborn to size six months.

I wanted to create a design that has a traditional shell pattern on the skirt with standard double crochet bodice and single crochet pattern on the straps and top of neckline.    This design can easily be augmented for larger sizes by adding multiples of eight extra stitches to the width and 1 extra row for every centimeter (or half inch) of length on the bodice and skirt.

There are two types of yarn used in this design and they are economical, and readily available at major department stores.   Many of my family members are into knitting and crocheting and they think I shop for yarn at specialty yarn stores.  Sometime I do, but most of the time I find nice yarns at places like Walmart as well.  These yarns are pretty common:  Red Heart Soft touch worsted yarn and Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable yarn.  It doesn’t get more basic than that.  These yarns are not the same as each other yet they do complement each other and they do work well together.

Baby will feel very comfortable and the design can easily be worn in winter as well by adding leggings and light weight matching turtleneck underneath.

Feel free to visit my Ravelry Site for a link to the downloadable pdf file.

Thanks again and stay tuned for more of my designs and patterns.

Easy Baby Dress Crochet Pattern in downloadable pdf format.



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