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Metamorphosis:  n. a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means. Yesterday, my dad turned 92. I know, I know, how could a 92 year old man … Continue reading

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My Sister My Self…

I love this picture of my sister and I. It was taken on the front porch of my parent’s house in the mid 60’s when the only thing on the property was the house, a crushed-stone driveway, and a set … Continue reading

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Prosciutto, Fig and Walnut Pinwheels

One can get creative with pinwheels.  The base recipe is a breadmaker dinner roll recipe that can be used for savory or sweet pinwheels.  They are great picnic take-alongs or make-aheads for kids lunches or a quick breakfast.  They make … Continue reading

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Kijiji Diva

Who doesn’t love a garage sale? Well…I can think of a few people ~ my husband for one. He can’t seem to get past the whole idea of “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure”.   I think it may have … Continue reading

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Artemisia – A Painting Speaks a Thousand Words

Who do I first think of when I think of female painters? I think of Artemisia Gentileschi. Artemisia was born on July 8th 1592.  She was the only daughter, and first-born, of the famous Classical Roman Painter Orazio Gentileschi. Artemisia, … Continue reading

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Sicilian Cannoli Recipe

Sicilian Cannoli are Italian dessert pastries that are marked by a sweet ricotta cheese filling piped into a light and crispy ‘tubular’ shell or ‘crust’. The shells are characteristically ‘blistered’ and remind me of a Samosa pastry. The pastry shells … Continue reading

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Ideas and Inspiration for Today’s Renaissance Woman…

A friend once said ‘wow, you’re a true renaissance woman‘. I was mildly offended because I equated that with being “old”. That said, I turned to Google to re-establish just exactly what that meant…(and then I thanked her for the … Continue reading

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