Mother, Sister, Daughter, Woman…


As Mother; I am Nurturer
A Guardian; A Guide
As Mother, I am Gentleness
A Warmth of Selfless Pride
As Mother; I am Teacher
I’m Strength; Security
A Mother I am Love & Peace
I am The Sanctuary
As Daughter; I am Humbled
I am Sheltered ;I am Child
As Daughter I’m a Student of
The Mirror of My Eyes
A Daughter; I seek Wisdom
Approval for My Pride
A Daughter; I am Innocence
Forever asking Why?
As Sister; I am Bound by Blood
A Confidante For Life
A Sister I am Kindred Truth
Eternally Entwined
As Sister and as No-One Else
I Speak So Honestly
A Sister; I am Not Like You
But you are Part Of Me
As Woman; I am All Of These
And Very Glad To Be
A Woman who just wears her Heart
With Pride Upon Her Sleeve
…..where All The World Can


written by Jodie Mayhew

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